Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

BA (Hons) International Relations, Cert. Counselling, PGDip Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy, MCOSRT
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Vivian comes from a counselling and Non-Violent Communication background before studying Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy.

Vivian understands the pain and stress relationship and sexual difficulties can exert on the well-being of an individual and couple, and the broader impact these can have on the experience and enjoyment of their lives. She understands the courage it takes to take the first step to begin to tackle these often delicate and long-standing problems and feels that her best qualities as a therapist are being emotionally in tune with the client, and conveying a down-to-earthness and a very ‘human’ quality that allows the client to feel at ease and accepted, no matter the discomfort of the issue at hand.

Vivian is passionate about helping individuals overcome sexual difficulties that may be holding them back from having fulfilling sex lives and relationships. She finds fulfilment in her work when she witnesses the benefits therapy brings to individuals and couples as they begin to experience increased stability, harmony and a greater understanding of themselves, their bodies, and their relationships.

Vivian is British-born and speaks English as her first language.


  • BA(Hons) International Relations, 1st Class – University of Sussex
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (Level 2)
  • London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy (LDPRT)
  • Member of COSRT


  • Sexual dysfunctions, including arousal difficulties
  • Sexual pain, including Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Relationship issues, including infidelity, conflict and communication
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Sexual compulsivity, including sex, porn and masturbation
  • Sexual diversity, including LGBTQIA+ and GSRD
  • Open relationships, Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM) and Polyamory
  • Dating and navigating new relationships
  • Couples counselling
  • Desire discrepancy in relationships or low/no desire
  • Orgasm difficulties
  • Childhood trauma