Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist – in training

BSc (Hons) Neuroscience, MSc Evn. Health, COSCA Cert., CICS Diploma (ongoing), MCOSRT

  • Online
  • from £50

  • In-person

  • from £60

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Megan decided to train as a sex and relationship therapist following a number of years working in the pharmaceutical industry. She has always had an interest in sexual expression and freedom. After completing her foundation certificate in counselling skills, Megan has joined The Therapy Yard while completing her final year of Clinical Sexology training. Megan’s background in Neuroscience gives her insight into how our wider environments, body systems and thoughts can all impact our mental and sexual health.

Megan will develop a calm, non-judgemental and welcoming relationship with you, to gently work with you on the issues you are facing. She will utilise a pluralistic approach, drawing on different therapeutic approaches to adapt each session to the needs of the individual. This can include sexual and psychological education, mindfulness-based techniques, and person-centred therapy. Megan works from a bio-psycho-social model, meaning that she understands that sexual difficulties can be the result of several intersecting factors.

Megan’s depth of lived experience means she is adept at working with gender, sexual and relationship (GSRD) diversities, including non-monogamy, kink and fetish sexualities and queer identities. She is interested in working with all ages, backgrounds, sexualities, gender identities and relationship styles.

Megan is interested in how cultural conditioning and messaging can impact the sexual scripts we follow, and how we can move away from these inherited rules to develop our own, authentic sexual selves. Megan is passionate about examining beliefs around sex and sexuality that can stop people from enjoying full and pleasurable sex lives.

Megan’s qualifications include:

BSc Neuroscience

MSc Environmental Health

COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate

CICS Diploma in Clinical Sexology (ongoing)

COSRT Student Membership


  • Consensual non-monogamy (incl. Polyamory)
  • Non-consensual non-monogamy (infidelity)
  • Relationship issues
  • Vaginismus
  • Erection problems, early/delayed ejaculation
  • Desire and Arousal issues
  • Issues with orgasm
  • Anxiety around sex
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Kink sexualities
  • Fetishes
  • LGBTQIA+, Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity