Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

Dip Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy, B.Ed, Dip Couns, COSRT(Reg), SAS (Reg), ACA(Reg), C-IAYT(Reg), YA(Reg), QCT (Reg).

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Lisa is a Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Therapist, holding registrations as a specialist Teacher in Behaviour Support, Yoga Therapy and in Counselling.  As such her therapy style is pluralistic and somatic.   She helps clients to feel safe and comfortable in their bodies, their relationship/s, and to access pleasure in their own unique ways.

Lisa is an Australian that is ‘based’ in England and works with clients online globally. Often Lisa is in Eastern Africa, Australia and beyond. The benefit of having a global lens is a plus for clients who live globally, or are in cross cultural relationships.

She also identifies as Queer, who often works with the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as people who identify as straight.  She is a GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) Therapist, that is sex positive and trauma and shame informed.

Lisa is registered with:

  • COSRT- Psychosexual Therapist, and Relationship Therapist
  • SAS- Sexologist
  • ACA- Counsellor
  • QCT- Teacher
  • YA- Yoga Teacher
  • IAYT- Yoga Therapist


  • Diploma of Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Yoga Teacher 500 hours
  • Yoga Therapist. C-IAYT.


  • CNM/ polycules
  • Specific sexual interests (BDSM, kinks & fetishes)
  • Painful sex (vulva, vagina, anus)
  • Erection problems.
  • Repairing relationship ruptures
  • Better intimacy, connection and communication in relationship/s
  • Desire discrepancy (high/ low libido).
  • Sexual compulsions
  • Sex education- understanding anatomy, arousal and how to access pleasure.
  • Changes in the body (pregnancy, menopause, aging, disability (either lifelong or acquired)